Need to buy a Futon - advice needed


Feb 7, 2008
Hello, I need to buy a futon or bed. just a simple cheap one that can be delivered to me... is there a website or store that anyone can recommend for no hassle transactions.

also, i would like to get some other items for my apartment... does anyone recommend a flea market? is this only on sunday close to the san telmo antiques fair?

thanks for your advice.
I am not sure what advice you need to buy a Futon. There is a shop on almost every corner selling them. The quality is not the best here, but prices vary considerbly.
You can get anything delivered, you see those Bevely Hillbillies wagons driving around with Flete on the side, well they deliver things. The most we have paid is $35ar that was from Villa Crespo to Almagro,for a bed and dinning set.
They will add on price depending on what floor you reside but again not much.
I recognize you name from previous posts and remember that you are located in Flores? If you can't find a futon near where you are, there are a number of furniture shops on Av Santa Fe that sell cheap futons starting at about $500 pesos (including the pine frame). The best are oak and an innerspring futon is optional. I have the latter and paid $1200 pesos about 18 months ago. They are available at one store with multiple is at the corner of Puerreydon and Santa Fe, but they don't sell the futons there, just linens. I am in California now so I can't be more precise about the location with the futons or the store name (starts with an "A"). The location where I bough the futon was also on Santa Fe and not far from the smaller shop. They arranged the delivery. The futon required assembly, but it took me less than an hour to put it together.If you need to make your own delivery arrangements, I highly recommend Honda Verde Flet: 4961-2244 or 4961-3201You can meet them at the store and ride to your apartment with them or they will pick up and deliver. They may charge for an extra person to help load and unload, and more for each flight of stairs, but the charges have always been reasonable. Just ask in advance.

PS: Prices should be lower in Flores then Recoleta or Palermo...unless they gouge the foreigner. If you shop a bit, you'll find what you need as well as locate sources for lots of other items.