need U.S. retiree or unemployed tax advice


Feb 20, 2006
We are getting closer to the deadline for taxes in the U.S. and as a reflex action I almost went to make the call for the automatic extension like I did last year. Then it occurred to me that I made no income this year and have been out of the country for all but 2 weeks. From the info that I gathered on the IRS site it seems that I do not need to file a return at all but I am a little bit worried. I managed to weasel out a substantial tax refund last year and I think that it would look a bit strange to have no income this year (even though it is the truth). I know that there have to be others out there in my situation and I wonder how you deal with this situation?
You have to file regardless - but without income there would be no penalty for being late. On the down side, you did have income, your tax refund becomes taxable as income.

I'm no tax expert, you should talk to one.
If your income was earned here you do not have to pay tax on the first aprox $80,000 dollars. Of course you are supposed to be paying the Argentine government if you earn here.
File nonetheless. Sergio is right, last year's refund is INCOME. Each state has a different state tax filing laws but federal requires that you file today or ask for an extension, or incur the IRS's diligent cracking down on non-filers and non taxpayers and believe you me - penalties alone will make you wish you filed and then be deemed "not required" than to be on the other side of the fence - so to speak.
You absolutely do NOT need to file if your income (from anything, income, capital gains, interest, etc.) falls below defined levels. There are defined exceptions to this, of course.Read this page and answer the questions to determine if you need to file:,,id=96623,00.html

In fact, the IRS explicitly asks you do not file in such circumstances because you are costing them money processing your return! The tricky thing is that your old state (if you are still seen as a resident there) will often have different income cut offs ( this happened to me for 2006).