Need US legal documents, POA, notarized


It seems the US Embassy under the quarantine restrictions does not offer notary services. What alternatives exist? Do I have an escribania witness my signature and leave it to the US attorney to get my signed docs apostilled? Anyone with any experience with US based online notaries? There are old threads on this, but maybe new circumstances would require other methods.


Don't know what you need it for but I was able to get a US title/escrow company to accept a local notary from Costa Rica a few years ago and I expect they'd be even more willing to take it during COVID. The local notary had her stamp in spanish, attached some random local law document the title company politely told me to never show them and instead me to scribble "this stamp means notary" in english next to it. No translation, no apostil, no legal recording in Costa Rica, just done.

Not at all sure that path will work for whatever document you need but worth pushing back on the need for a US notary.