New born argentina nationality

Im asking if i traveld with tourist visa me and my pregnant wife and 2years daughter
-will new baby get argentina nationalaty imediatly
- how many days will we get his passport
-how many days will me and wife get Residence
-will smal daughter get residency or nationalaty
-there's any agency help in this process
-how many days shoud we stay in argentena from baby delivery till get his passport and our residency


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A child born here is a citizen automatically, by birth. The parents, in turn, can request residency on the grounds of being parents of an Argentine citizen.

The child needs to receive a birth certificate, then a DNI. Follow this link to get an appointment at a Registro Civil office.
If you are not fluent in Spanish, you will have to be accompanied by an official translator.
IIRC the process will be expedited if you request only the birth certificate when registering the birth, not the DNI.
The newborn DNI is free; for a 600 peso fee, this can be done within 24 hours.
Passport can be done once you have the DNI, within 48 hours. Passport costs 950 plus 1150 expedited fee.

Child can be on his/her way within 2 weeks of birth, which is also the minimum age at which most airlines will transport a newborn.

Once child has birth certificate/DNI, parents can request an appointment for obtaining permanent residency. Currently, turnos are being given 10 days forward.
The list of requirements is listed here and includes: passport; DNI and birth certificate ("legalized"; no idea what that means) of the child; criminal background check from home country; criminal background check from Argentina; proof of address. Note that any documents from abroad must be legalized (either by Apostille or in Argentine consulate with jurisdiction where the documents were issued) and translated to Spanish by an official translator, which translation must also be legalized.

I know of a couple of people who help out with this for a fee, PM for details.


I would to comment on DNI part, since I have an Argentinan baby. Newborn DNI is free, but can never be gotten in 24 hours, as this applies to only those who have an existing DNI and want to replace it or issue a new one. Since it is a new baby, it will take the normal ten-day process, it can be done ealier, if you have a proof like ticket or other supporting documents, but it is unlikely !

Birth certificate can be issued in one day if delivery happens at public hospital, since there is a registery office inside hospital. It does not require appointment as long as you come early.

Passport can be issued as early as 2 hours - fees are 200 USD plus 950 AR$-, even 25 minutes if they cooperative - which was our case -.
To add to Ben's point. The small child will also obtain permanent residency by virtue of the parents obtaining it through the birth of your Argentine child (if you have time to apply...sounds like it might be a quick trip). It used be a matter of a few weeks after the migracion appointment (assuming you have everything in order). I can't speak to how long it's taking presently but I suspect it's longer. 6 years ago when we were in your position--we had our DNIs 20 days after the appt. We were foreign-born parents without AR residency, foreign-born minor and an Argentine newborn.

We applied on our own without issue but we had time and knew the requirements. If you're in a hurry and/or have language concerns, use a 'gestor' as Ben suggested.

That said, if you are leaving and don't plan to return within a couple years--there might be little/no benefit to the family to obtain residency/DNIs.


We are planning to travel to BA within the next 2 months. My wife is 4 months now and we don’t have any insurance plans that would cover her maternity costs and delivery. I’d like to know is there any way if we could be eligible for any insurance policy on arrival in Argentina after her 6th month?

Also, how much would it charge to deliver a child (without insurance) in private and public hospitals of BA? Normal and Caesarean

Thanks :)