New "chic" hotels in BA?


Aug 31, 2008

Just wondering if anyone knows of some new boutique hotels in BA? I shudder to say "chic" but that's what I've been asked to find. Trendy, designer, etc.

Mine, Bobo, Casa Las Cañitas are a few I know of. I am sure others will have more feedback.
Home, Tailor Made and Glu tend to be the three that I recommend to people.
Hi there,
I would definitely recommend the Art Hotel which is deliciously boutique and perhaps not as expensive as some of the others. In Recoleta too, great location.
Had a nice time there x Sarah
I've sent friends to most of the places on these lists, and no one has been as happy as those who decided to rent apartments from the better agencies. I recommend It's not the cheapest operation in town, but their apartments are top-rate, equal to very good hotels, with really good furnishings, high-end linens, LCD-panel TVs, and the like. And a 1-BR flat with a kitchen still comes out cheaper than a small room in a boutique hotel.
Agreed but it takes a certain level of traveler to be comfortable in an apt. I did the same for some friends & wound up getting a lot of "how to" calls. Hotels aren't just about the rooms, they're about making life easier for their guests (suggesting restaurants, room service, arranging car service, etc). With some friends - I just automatically send them to a hotel.
The comments about the "how-to" questions is very real. Twice I have set friends up in apartments and they seem surprised they don't get fresh towels every morning. And they call 10 times a day: how do I use a bus/metro/menu? That sort of thing.That said, for semi-developed country, hotels are bloody expensive in this town.