New "chic" hotels in BA?



Just wondering if anyone knows of some new boutique hotels in BA? I shudder to say "chic" but that's what I've been asked to find. Trendy, designer, etc.



I've sent friends to most of the places on these lists, and no one has been as happy as those who decided to rent apartments from the better agencies. I recommend It's not the cheapest operation in town, but their apartments are top-rate, equal to very good hotels, with really good furnishings, high-end linens, LCD-panel TVs, and the like. And a 1-BR flat with a kitchen still comes out cheaper than a small room in a boutique hotel.


Agreed but it takes a certain level of traveler to be comfortable in an apt. I did the same for some friends & wound up getting a lot of "how to" calls. Hotels aren't just about the rooms, they're about making life easier for their guests (suggesting restaurants, room service, arranging car service, etc). With some friends - I just automatically send them to a hotel.


The comments about the "how-to" questions is very real. Twice I have set friends up in apartments and they seem surprised they don't get fresh towels every morning. And they call 10 times a day: how do I use a bus/metro/menu? That sort of thing.That said, for semi-developed country, hotels are bloody expensive in this town.