New Conversation Practice Group


Mar 6, 2006
Starting in September TALKPOINT is a new conversation group where you can practice English, French, Italian and Portuguese. The place is to be determined, but it's going to be in Belgrano. Time: Fridays 7:30pm.

TALPOINT es un nuevo grupo para practicar y perfeccionar un idioma a traves de temas de interes general, en un ambiente distendido para interrelacionarse con gente de diferentes culturas con la coordinacion de un profesional.

Hay mesas de charlas en ingles, francés, italiano y portugués. Cada mesa cuenta con un moderador especializado.

More info:
Email: [email protected]
Location: Belgrano, Argentina (to be determined)
Time: Viernes 7:30 pm (Fridays 7:30 pm)
My English KICKS ASS, but I could always use more practice.
YES!!!!!!Because all the expats logged into this site have absolutely no desire to practice their Spanish. That's the exact reason they came to Buenos Aires, get away from all those pesky 'Castellano'-phones, and finally, finally, get back to practicing the language(s) they've lived with their entire lives.
Woo hoo, I'm psyched!!!!
The talkpoint group has been postponed for now. I have no further information as to when or where they will start. Sorry but something happened with the organizers...
I clicked on this thread and I thought- "The second poster is a total smartass!"... then I realized that I recognized that name.

There is a current conversation group for English/Spanish called "SPANGLISH". I've never been, but I recently clicked on the site:

It turns out that they are starting a Monday night Spanglish session today (Monday March 30th).

MONDAYS in Centro
at "Buller Pub" - Paraguay 428

at "Libido" - Pasaje San Lorenzo 312

THURSDAYS in Palermo
at "Quiroz" - Malabia 1510

It sounds a little like Speed Dating meets English/Spanish Intercambio. But I'm thinking that you get mixed with guys and girls no matter what your "preference" is. Pero no se por seguro porque nunca fui.
What do you think of the classes at LV Studio?

I know someone who is coming to BsAs next month and will want to take classes before she starts school (a semester abroad) in early July.
I don't know about other schools in Buenos Aires, but I was studying at LV (my classes just ended) for almost a year, and was really happy with EVERYTHING: friendly staff, experienced native teachers, flexible schedules and study options, weekly social events (I still go to almost all the events) and parties, good location (right near the Palermo subte station)...

I did a DELE preparation class there, and just took the exam a couple weeks ago. I won't get my scores for a couple months, but I feel confident that I passed, and owe it to my teacher Julia. She was always prepared and organized, and helped me FINALLY understand the subjunctive and the difference between por y para :p
your friend is welcome to write me if she wants more information