New English radio show startting tonight: BA Live (9pm-11pm)


The radio station URBANA FM (89.5) has a new weekly show that starts tonight called "BA Live".

Buenos Aires Herald journalist Sorrel Moseley-Williams with host the two hour show every Thursday from 9pm-11pm.

In addition to music from international artists as well as locals (but NOT reggaeton or cumbia!), Sorrel will have a regular group of contributors join her at various times throughout the show to talk about what's happening in the world of Art, Music, Food, Tour Guide related things of interest.

In anticipation I listened to some music from the station on Tuesday and it was a refreshing change from what I hear so often down here.

Here's a link where you can listen:

Here's a link for a story (in Spanish) about it:

And here's a flier:




How was it?

I thought that it was pretty good. I even got my cab driver to find it on the radio.