New Englishman arrived last week


Mar 15, 2010
Hi everyone,

My name's Simon, living in Palermo Soho... new to your fabulous city and looking to meet folks and get ideas and advice on how to make the most of the place!

I'm a writer / business-ish consultant who has had enough of working in London and the grey weather and decided to head here. I am working with a UK company who specialise in property over here, and attemtping to write a new book.

It would be great to find people to hang out with and some great things to learn and do.... anyone do accordion or tango lessons? :)

when you,re ready for a beer or two give me a bell on 1551641006.I am from Nottingham and have been here for 5 years,regards and welcome,Howard
Erstwhile Englishman (left when I was rather young), lived here for a few years. Journalist. Certainly up for something. But probably not tango or accordion (no rhythm on either count). Try [email protected]
Not from England but will extend my warm welcome! What type of book are you writing?
I sound like I'm from England, so I will also spread the welcome around, and look forward to another excuse to meet up with the local gang of folk with funny accents :)
ha ha a londoners meetup! awesome idea.... in the irish pub right? :) Only kidding, but how are folks fixed we should all meet up, maybe end of week? Weekend?