New from Germany / Hong Kong


Feb 10, 2010
Hi, just arrived yesterday and already love the weather. I will be here for a few months and am looking forward to meet you.
By the way: I love tennis and golf - so I am looking for partners. I also love arts, dancing (standard as well as ballett and "freestyle"). I will learn spanish in a school for a month - do you know anyone who is interested in teaching me after class additionally?

And I want to take up riding - any suggestions and price infos?!

Hope to meet you soon!
Hi Alesya,

There are different language exchange groups that I know of and some of them take place regularly during the week, where the deal is "my english for your spanish".
There is a specific group "german for spanish" as well if you are interested.
For the riding thing, when you find out more, let me know, I'm also interested.

Best regards,
Hi Alesya,

Welcome to Buenos Aires!

Horseback riding is a very Argentine tradition. There is an excellent club in Palermo called Club Aleman de Equitacion (German Riding Club!!!!!):

If you are interested in watching tennis, the Buenos Aires ATP Tournament starts tomorrow, 15 February:

Regarding the arts, you will find plenty to enjoy in BA. Depending on your specific interests, I may be able to point you in the right direction.

I would also be happy to help you with your Spanish.

All the best,