New Guy Looking for Advice on Life in BA


Aug 7, 2009
Hi everyone. I'm a 31 year old US lawyer relocating from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires next week. Very exciting for me.

I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I am looking forward to life in BA and would welcome any advice on anything about BA as I only know the city as a tourist. Any tips on housing, restaurants, galleries, neighborhoods, etc. would be invaluable.

Thanks and I look forward to meeting some of you.
Welcome! You will love Bs As - it's very fun!

As far as neighborhoods - there are lots of options. Palermo is very popular, I live in Las Canitas/Belgrano and love it. Or there is always Recoleta or Puerto Madero. Are you working in microcentro? Will you need to commute via subway? That may impact where you live. Also depends on what type of neighborhood you like - more expats, lots of bars, more quiet, etc - all will factor in to where you look.

Lots of great restaurants - Cluny, To, Sucre, Osaka, etc are some of my favorites but you can usually get a great meal at your local parilla as well.

Look forward to meeting you!
From what I hear from people who daily commute it's probally a good thing if you pick a place to live within 10-15 blocks from your office, that way you don't have to commute and you can walk to your job
Thanks a million. I'm doing the virtual work bit so anywhere with an internet connection is good for me. So a neighborhood with great cafes that have internet would be perfect.
I have no idea if there are many wireless points outside of the tourist hotspots like Palermo/Recoleta/Belgrano, but there are many cafe's with Wifr there
What do you think of Santiago at the points you named, I think Santiago and BA are pretty similar on many points
Santiago is changing but it is still more of a regional city than a cosmopolitan one. Social classes are sharply divided and Chileans tend to judge each other by last name, comuna and skin tone. Santiago will be pretty great in 10 years but it is still on its way.
Hi Meta998, welcome to Argentina! If you don't need to commute to Downtown for working, I would recommend Palermo's neighborhood. It's pretty safe, quiet, full of fancy restaurants, cafes and great outdoors areas. If you need any assistance, please let me know. I'm about your age, got dual citizenship Argentinian and American, I'm an attorney in Argentina and a certified Paralegal in the U.S. where I lived and worked for the last 7 years. I recently moved back to Buenos Aires where I'm working as a P.A. and business liaison between Argentinians and foreigners doing business in Bs As. My only advice is to take it easy and enjoy the good stuff. Argentina is a beautiful country but unfortunately things don't work as well as in the U.S. and you should not rely on them. Since I belong to both worlds it's easy for me to overcome the differences but it's not always that easy. I miss the American customer service and working ethic. I hope we can meet one of these days to show you around and have a coffee. I love introducing people to the Argentine culture. Take care and good luck to you :) [email protected]
Hey Meta998

I am new to BA too. I am also 31 years old and a lawyer!

Would be interested to know what kind of work you have been doing/will be doing here in BA. Will you be working as a lawyer?

Still trying to get used to this city but would be up for grabbing a beer sometime.