New guy, will be looking for a short term apartment

Cuban Bee

Feb 11, 2010
I'm currently an English Teacher in South Korea. Been here 1.5 years and will be leaving in 6 months. I'm sticking around a while longer to save money and finish out my contract. I'm from Texas in America where I was a web developer for my University for a few years after graduation. I'm still currently programming and hoping to find a way to make enough money to live on in Argentina or Uruguay. I might want to teach English as well, but I haven't decided. My intentions as of this moment are to fly out of Incheon to Buenos Aires and stay a few months, basically on vacation, but working a little on the side. If I decide I like it (I'm almost positive I will - I know several people that have lived in Argentina and talked to them extensively about it) then I'll want to stay longer and really dig in.

If any of you think you'd have a floor I could sleep on (literally - not picky at all) some time around late August/early September I'm all ears. Just as long as I'm saving money so I can stay longer. I'm really looking at Argentina (even though I've never been) as a place I may want to settle for the rest of my life, but obviously I'm not ready to make that call until I've been for a while.

Anyway, hi!

edit: want to clarify that I'm not looking for a free place to stay, although that would be nice :) Just want a cheap place and comfort is not a big deal at all for me.
Cuban bee:

You are looking for an apptment or a room in a shared flat or house?
What is your budget /month?

(just to see if we can give some advice)
i have an apartment to rent but it depends on your budget? i can help if you want.