new here and love the site


Nov 4, 2009
i have also been looking on here for a couple of weeks..i have been here in argentina for like 3 years and i just found you about 2 weeks ago..haha
well great info on here and just nice to chit chat and find a few people to rant.. or ask questions..... well look forward to meeting new people... cheers and chau!!!! steve

ps. i posted a little happy hour for thursday nov 12th at a place called the Wherever..... on the event section
i was just planning on going alone but if anyone is close to santa fe and oro drop by and say hi tomorrow at 5pm--- ??? happy hour 5-10 pm and it is a nice laid back place with great food

Wherever 2476 oro
is it far from Sarmiento,Steve?...I can,t go tomorrow(got a tennis tournament)but next time ok....
hi howard..... it is sort of close to Sarmiento... by the italia subway stop... oro is one block before godoy cruz... it is closer to the palermo subway stop.... so i guess 4 blocks or so.... well yes next time.... maybe i will just have it as a weekly meet and greet happy hour.... hahaha
it is... fray justo santa maria de oro ..on a map... that is why it goes by ORO