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Spanish teacher in Palermo (Private tuition, clases de español)

Choosing an EFFECTIVE tutor is an important part of your learning process...
Hi everybody! My name is Clara. I`m a 27 year old native Argentine but not just a native... I´m a qualified Spanish/English TRANSLATOR and a TUTOR . I´m also FULLY BILINGUAL (with over 17 years of studies), FLUENT in English and Portuguese. I've been an English tutor for 4 years, a Spanish tutor for 3 years and a translator for 3 years.
My LESSONS are fun, interesting and customized according to your needs, objectives and interests. Material and coffee breaks are included :)
My studio is CONVENIENTLY located in PALERMO , near Plaza Italia, 1 and 1/2 blocks from the SUBWAY stop
References are available...
Contact: Clara J.


Hey all you spanish tutors out there, i'm looking for one, please PM me with your sales pitch, rates and experience. I can only work with those available before 10am or after 5:30pm weekdays. Weekends my schedule is a little more flexible. I will be choosing one in the next few days so PM now.

For everyone else out there that is not a spanish tutor but have had great experiences with a tutor (i've seen a few testimonials on this forum) please fwd their information along so i can contact them.

Also if there are anymore practice conversational groups out there like i would love to hear about it. I believe i saw some mentioned before in previous threads but i don't know quite what to search for to find them again. Thank you guys sooooo much.