new in ba.. want to make some friends :)


Nov 1, 2009
OK, that's quite a lame title but it gathers it up pretty well.

I'm in BA till early december, living in Palermo Viejo and settling in. It's pretty cool here, i'm getting used to making my spanglish turn into something much more useful, I've found my first parrilla and can't wait for more. :)

But- it'd be nice to find a few cool locals to hang out with (especially if you're an expat brit?) So if anyone is interested- suggest a time, place, etc and the first drink is on me. :)


PS: obviously going to chat more on here - but if anyone wants to chat first via im or facebook or email or whatever- happy to.
Hey James,

Can I rent your apartment when you leave? You're in the neighborhood I plan to search in ... just arrived this morning from the U.S.

Have any suggestions for apartment hunting?

Victoria (like the queen)
Victoria, i went with -- they're alright
Hi james! I am living in Palermo Viejo as well, PM me if interested so we can chat a little bit and hang out .

I'll be staying until late november :)

Hope to hear from you :)

imajes said:
Hey Howard-

i'm from london/hertfordshire... :)
Ah ok -I,m from Nottingham,,,,had a girlfriend many years ago from South Oxhey:eek:,,,ok sort a time and date and we,ll meet up all together,,,:)
ok set a time and place(let me know street etc and bingo...anyoneelse who wants to come you,ll be very welcome