New in town--Doctor Rec's please :)


Jul 15, 2008
We just moved here from DC, and I'd appreciate help finding our family doctors (yes, I've already had a look at the other threads dealing with this question).

Insurance: we have Cigna Int'l through my husband's work, so I'm not limited in where I can go/who I can see. I just pay cash and get reimbursed.

Looking For: Pediatrician, Gynecologist & Obstetrician (I understand that they are not always one person here), General Practitioner, Dentist, Eye Doctor.

Language: Spanish or English--we all speak both fluently

I had a great experience today at Mater Dei, so I'd be particularly interested in any doctors there.

Thanks--any thoughts appreciated!
Welcome to BA. Mater Dei is one of the best hospitals in town, hard to go wrong with doctors there. When I need a quick check up and don't really mind who the GP is, I generally head to the Qualitas clinic which is just next door to Mater Dei. They have a large selection of doctors. I guess they would accept your insurance. For eye, try Pfortner, it is not cheap, but the quality and attention are excellent (I have very bad eyesight, so it's worth it for me) - and you can get your glasses/contacts thru them. (Note that contacts are more expensive here than in the US.) One OBGYN recommendation is Dr Fiorillo, he is affiliated with both Mater Dei and the Trinidad. Most OBGYNs will be affiliated with one or more hospitals and will have private clinics. Feel free to PM me and I will send you his contact info if you are interested.