New in town, well cyber town


Mar 18, 2009
Hi there everyone, i just joined this group so i thought i'd say hi. Im preparing to move to Buenos Aires in May to teach English for a while. I'm definitely not bothering with a work visa, but I don't know what the rules are for leaving the country and not returning for a bit.

Can anyone tell me if i will need a return ticket booked before leaving?

Any info you've got is much appreciated, looking forward to it.
The last time I came into Buenos Aires I did not have a return ticket. The airlines wanted either a return ticket purchased or a resident visa for Argentina. I had the latter.

I have heard people buying refundable return tickets to satisfy the requirement and then returning them once they are in the country.

Hope this helps.

Hi SmokingKate,
I purchased a one way ticket when I returned to Buenos Aires from the States in January but I would not recommend it. Apparently in order to have one way tickets you need to have Argentine citizenship/DNI/work visas etc and I almost was not allowed on the plane because I didn´t have the proper paperwork. I was then told that I ran a risk of being deported and charged usd 1000 upon arrival for trying to enter the country without proper paperwork. That being said I did get on the plane and I customs just didnt really ask me anything but it was very stressful and overall not a good idea. Depending on your citizenship it could be easier.

Last year when I was in BA i got a roundtrip ticket and just extended the return portion and paid a fee of usd150 for the change fee and it worked out just fine. However you do need to return within 1 year of day you left the host country.

Hope that helps!
When you arrive in Argentina they will not check to see if you have a return ticket. However, in most cases, a RT ticket is cheaper than a one-way and I usually buy the RT and either change the return date or eat the loss and buy a new ticket when I want to return to the US.

English teaching is not lucrative and it's unlikely you'll make enough money to support yourself living here so bring your own money to supplement.