new in town


Nov 22, 2007
Hello everyone, I'm Lana, 27, translator, English teacher, Reiki II practitioner and reflexologist. Playing around with clothes design and photography.
Happy to be in BA for the first time, after spending a year in the laid back yet buzzing Barcelona. I've been here for three weeks now, going to yoga classes, concerts, clubs, seeing a lot of theatre, meeting my boy's family and friends and cycling on my lovely second hand playera bike. My base is in Palermo but I move around quite a bit. I would love to meet new people, get together for music, theatre, countryside day trips (is that done around here or is it awfully naive of me to expect the possibility of one-day trekking trips? I still haven't been out of the city apart from a day in San Isidro and Tigre.) a nice meal or just plain coffee. Do drop me a line if you're interested in doing something.Oh yeah, btw, I'm looking for a nice adventurous hairdresser. My hair's out of control. Know of anyone? Best, Lana
Hi Lana. I'm Mafalda, 31 years, portuguese and just arrived in BA. I'm staying for 3 months. Maybe we could meet for a coffee. I'm staying in Palermo.
Say something if you're interested