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Jul 29, 2008
Hola todos!Some time ago I was advised to look at this website and I am pleased to be a member. I hope this can contribute to the plan of moving to Argentina in time.Why? Well, my ´esposa´ is from BA and I am Dutch. We live in Barcelona but we would like to move when there is an opportunity (work, economic situation etc.).There is no rush, so in the mean time I hope using this web more often to share experiences and maybe we can help each other.
For now I would like to offer professionals a report of Argentina without any charge.
I look for professionals who deal in their current positions (Finance, Control, Treasury, Strategic Planning, Marketing / Sales, Bus Dev, Market / Business / Competitive Intelligence, HR, country management etc) with macroeconomic indicators of Argentina or Latin America in general (forecasts of GDP, unemployment, production, export / import, inflation, interest or exchange rates etc) . This kind of data is often used to support budgeting, planning, strategies, business proposals, business decisions, marketing or sales projections, projects etc.
Please send me your email or approach me at; [email protected] will send you in PDF format our latest edition without charge and look forward to your feedback.Good luck with all and I look forward to contact you another time.
Warm regards from a warm Barcelona!

Martijn.Barcelona - Spain