New Organic Supermarket In Belgrano


Hi Guys, I've seen several posts from people looking for fresh & organic veggies. I wanted to let everybody know that me and my family have recently opened a new supermarket dedicated specifically to source as many organics as possible. We are now working with local producers who deliver daily, straight from certified organic farms.

Juramento 2540, CABA.

Being an expat in the States and Spain for several years, and a former alumni of a British School in Argentina (St Hilda's College), I hope to be welcome in this loving, expat community.

I don't intend to write any other post about my supermarket, so please don't consider this as an advertisement. Just though that I could share something that I believe is valuable, hoping that others will find it valuable as well.

Cheers, Paul


It would be most edifying to learn about the whole process of organic "certification" for the produce being sold.
Someone should film the process and turn it into one of those human interest documentaries on Netflix.
Seriously though, showing the food(and the cultivators) at its "source" would go a long way for creating trust in your commitment to providing quality produce .
Here's hoping you can provide some good info.


It's nice there are more organic produce options opening finally in the city. I'm in Balvanera, and even El Galpon in Chacarita is too far for me, let alone Fresco in Belgrano.

The owner of the Dietetica where I stop told me today about No Cualquiera Verdura. They're on FB. I just read their page for the first time and am delighted to see they have two locations Almagro and Colegiales. They offer delivery service in certain barrios and take advance orders. I going to check them out.

Lucero 283, near Belgrano and Boedo in Almagro - Tuesday and Thursday 15,30-22 hs.


Here is the regular schedule for the organic fairs in the city --

1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 10-16 hs.
Av. Florida and Santa Fe

2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 10-16 hs.
on Bartolome Mitre between Reconquista and 25 de Mayo

1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 10-17 hs.
Plaza Jose Sobral
Av. Las Hera and Av. Salguero in Palermo

2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 10-17 hs.
Parque Rivadavia
Rivadavia 4800 in Caballito

Tallo Verde brings more fresh organic produce on Saturday, so that's where you will find three kinds of fresh kale, blueberries, etc.

Schatzi carries organic sugar, flax seed, oatmeal, sesame seed, mijo, beans, rice, chia, amaranto, quinoa, sunflower seeds, wheat germ. They sell small packages and 3 kilo bags. I bought 3 K traditional organic oatmeal for 160 pesos, and 3 K organic flax seed for 180 pesos.


hi is the organic supermarket still open? i clicked the link in the first message and nothing came up.. thanks.