New passport - do I need new visa stamps?


Mar 7, 2008

My husband will be soon receiving a new passport through his embassy here because his old one is almost out of pages. However,the old one is still valid.

Does anybody know if we have to go to immigration here and get the stamps from the old passport (tourist visa stamps) put into the new one? Or, when we leave on vacation in a few weeks, can he just show both at the airport?

When living in Thialand, we were able to do the latter - he showed the older passport and they stamped his exit stamp into the new passport.
Just wondering if anyone has done this before

Amat - with mine, I just went to the embassy and they added pages to it instead of giving me a new passport (US though - may not apply) If they are giving him a new one, I would bring both so they can verify entry dates.
I carried the old (expired one) and new one, they did check the stamp on the old one...F.Y.I
My passport was stolen so I had to get a new one which has no stamps or anything, anyone have any experience with this?
i had my passport stolen when i was here on a tourist visa.. i just showed the police report at immigration when departing and they were happy.. so i guess if you are on a tourist visa, and your new passport was issued less than 3 month before date of departure you should be fine..