New to BA and also looking for girlfriends...


Aug 13, 2007
Hola!I am a chiropractor from SF, CA, USA. I have been in South America traveling since April and in BA for two months. I will be here another 6 weeks or so. I have my portable table and have been building up my client base slowly but surely. If interested in my chiropractic services please see the following link I am 33 years old and would love to meet some other women that are interested in meeting for cafe y conversation, to go to theater, or any other interesting fun things to do before I leave. Although my experience traveling has been amazing, and BA is a great city I am getting really homesick for SF and am hoping to spend my next few weeks making some new friends and keeping busy. I have been to some restaurants, clubs, museums, gallery night, etc.. I am mainly interested in getting to know interesting, fun, good people. I have been running in Palermo twice a week, yoga, and walking all around town with my table in tow... :) Anyays, I look forward to your replies. Estoy aprendiendo castellano tambien!


Hey Kara, maybe you´d like to join our Sunday group. It´s for girls only, we get together for coffee in a different bar and neighborhood.

To see our notes, go to Women Forum and browse for the title "=1626]Girl's Meet-up this Sunday".