New to BA, arrived from TX 1 week ago


Jul 10, 2007
I moved to BA a little over a week ago. I came with the intention of teaching English and maybe learning Spanish, but upon arrival my priorities were reversed! I live in San Telmo with 2 portenos and am still trying to figure out the basics. I haven´t eaten much besides empanadas as I don´t know what anything else is on the menu! It´s getting better by the day, but I have a long way to go before I feel like a competent person again. Any one willing to meet for coffee and offer guidance on daily life, etc?
Hey, we will be going to the market in Recoleta on Saturday. Let us know if you want to join us. We are both 22 and just moved here from new york and have similar intentions.
Hi I just arrived this last Monday July 16 and am looking to meet some more EXpat. I am in the Belgrano area where I have some Argentine friends. So I am also trying to find a place to learn Spanish. I would like to meet during the day to practice and explore Buenos Aires. So if you would like let me know I am 47 years old. I also am learning how to find food and shop.