: ) New To Ba Seeking Affordable Spanish Tutoring...


Apr 4, 2014
Hola there all!! I'm newly settled in BA, staying for the next few months and aim to improve my spanish- which is worse than I imagined it would be. I'm planning to take a 2 week intensive course at El Pasaje school next week, out of my budget but my spanish is deplorable. I'm looking to support my core tools with some weekly spanish tutoring following the intensive. Anyone here know of someone friendly and affordable who would be into helping me improve my conversational spanish for the next month or mas? Also, if there is anything anyone recommends more than el pasaje I'm open to suggestion( I can't really afford the school since it's geared more towards tourists ).

Thanks much and happy sabado friends!

Also, I'm a certified massage therapist in the US, seeking employment while I'm here. Any tips on finding (non sexual massage)work would be appreciated! I specialized in deep tissue and therapeutic treatments, but also can do spa work. I don't have a camilla so I'm looking for an established setting. Residing in Paternal. At the moment my working spanish needs help, but plan to have my vocabulary spiffed up for doing massage in a couple of weeks. Thanks again
I already sent dandieliondancer a direct reply, but in case anyone else is reading this thread and looking for a spanish teacher, I can recommend my tutor, Adriana. This is my second time back in BA for an extended period and I went back to her - she is excellent (IMHO). Her email is [email protected] if anyone is interested.
A third big vote YES for Adriana Crom!
Forget the school and just go to her...you'll get 10 times more out of it in 10% of the time, or at least something like that. Plus, cheaper.
Suerte ;)
And a big vote from me too!

She's an excellent private tutor and she charges a very fair rate.

I have attended classroom courses for other languages but I was determined to have a private tutor for Spanish & it is the way forward because you can spend time on that which confuses you and move on from that which you understand easily.
With Adriana often it would go like this:
I would say that I don´t know how to buy vegetables. So we would review some vocab and then go to the market together. Not only would she teach me words but how to order (by kilo and not by unit, for example), how to complain or ask for better produce, etc. Same with clothing, or even what to say on a date. ;)
My wife and I use a Spanish tutor named Vanessa. We met with Adriana daily for a month, and have found Vanessa more patient, with better Spanish materials, and ready to help you learn in whatever area you need help. Adriana often cut us off when we tried to speak Spanish with her...or would ask us a question in Spanish to practice...but then answer it herself. So, for us, Vanessa has been outstanding. She's from Bolivia, has a degree in Spanish Education, uses a quality Spanish book from Argentina (so you can learn the culture - and it hasn't been copied a billion times, either), but she does NOT speak English. That wasn't a problem for us, not because we're fluent, but because she's so friendly and patient to figure things out. But that's probably not ideal for beginners. Lastly, we chose to pay her $7 USD/hour. I couldn't recommend her enough to those who want to really improve their Spanish at whatever level (above beginner).

Eunice Vanessa Chura
[email protected]
11 3704-6365