New to Buenos Aires


hello everyone,

i just arrived to buenos aires this week with my girlfriend and we will try to settle in here and see what we can find. We are starting at zero. will be sorting out all the paper stuff, work permits etc, and there is so much to organize and doooo, but at least we wont be bored for a while. so if there is someone who is willing to help answering some of the many questions we have it would be great to hear from you guys.

so we are looking for people who are interested to hang out. I like sports, soccer, boxing, tennis, squash, yoga (any hints?) and sandee is interested in arts and a painter herself. we are both interested in all kinds of music so concerts and cultural events are very popular.

Well if anything of the above interested you or you just feel like meeting up, it would be nice to get in contact.



Hi and welcome! Julie Young is a great person to meet to discuss yoga, she is doing her masters studies here, mail her at
Monday night ritual for some is la bomba de tiempo at konex, they´ve become very "in" and prices have gone up 500% since I first saw them but it´s a great way to mix with locals and tourists and dance your bits off to live music; depends where you live as to the tennis scene but there are heaps about, I know tiro argentina has bowling alley, tennis courts swimming pool plus 2 blocks of shooting ranges for about 255 per month. If you get stuck for a hairdresser, give me a holler my details are at


Hi! I definitely recommend Valletierra for yoga! I go at least 2 times a week and have meet a few foreigners there and in that area...Palermo Soho neighborhood, very nice and right in front on plaza armenia...lots of tourists in this area. Their website is Good luck!