New to this forum, but not new to Argentina

Hello Expats,
I am Anna and I have recently found this forum. I have been living in Buenos Aires, Northern area of Pilar, for 13 years. I am originally from New Jersey. I am an English teacher here and a Spanish teacher in NJ, but I am looking for a change. It is nice to get to know others who are living here. I hope to meet some of you soon at one of the coffee reunions.
Nice to meet you all. :):)
What brought you here originally?
Hello Fiscal,
I am married to an Argentine, who missed his family and friends. Since my career was more flexible then his, we decided to move. How long have you been here? What do you do?
Thanks for replying.
I am from Los Angeles but am married to an Argentine. We're trying out Argentina for now, with a newborn that was born here in December. I work for a large US company that has an office here that also allows me to telecommute.
Hello Fiscal, That's great that your job in the States let's you work from here. I wasn't that lucky. I had to leave my teaching job when I came here. I am looking for something like that to work for an American company or school but here in BA. For now I am exploring the possibility in returning to the States. We'll see whats in the cards for me. Well nice here from you and good luck with everything.It's a beautiful country.