New Vegan + Vegetarian Shops In Recoleta


Aug 6, 2011
I've found a couple of great shops recently that I wanted to share, as they have products that I haven't seen anywhere else in BA.

Felices las vacas (Vegan) https://www.facebook...feliceslasvacas - Las Heras 2211 - 3980 1474

Items here that I hadn't seen elsewhere: Food grade hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver and related items.

Be almacén orgánico (Vegetarian) https://www.facebook...AlmacenOrganico - Peña 2901 - 4805 5391

Items here that I hadn't seen elsewhere: FRESH coconut milk, coconut butter, cashew butter, some random supplements from the US.

The owners of both shops are lovely!
I want to recommend my local almacen natural & organico La Campinia owned and operated by the Fernandez brothers, Martin and Ezequiel (who speaks English and works 3-9pm).
It appears that Felices Las Vacas will close (according to their own FB page):

Hola a todos los seguidores de Felices Las Vacas!
Queremos contarles que estamos cerrando el año, y al mismo tiempo finalizando un ciclo que nos ha dado muchas satisfacciones.
Por motivos personales, debemos cerrar nuestra tienda.
Esto nos da nostalgia aunque también espacio para generar nuevos proyectos para seguir difundiendo el veganismo.
Esperamos poder reabrir en cualquier momento y sorprenderlos con productos de elaboracion propia.
Mientras tanto, vamos a seguir conectados por esta via para intercambiar informacion sobre nutricion, alimentos, vida sana, responder consultas, y mucho mas.
Gracias a todos los que nos acompañaron.
Hasta el proximo post!
Felices las Vacas
No, coconut butter is something else, something awesome. It's easy to make at home and - mixed with some water - makes instant coconut milk whenever you want it without all of the nasty additives etc that you find most of the (expensive!) commercially available brands here.
Anyone found any of the following in BA?:

Organic, cold pressed Coconut Oil
Almond Butter
Coconut Flour
Tapioca Flour/Starch
Almond Flour (cheaper than Barrio Chino)
Almond Milk (I know you can make this at home, but I wondered if it's sold anywhere for convenience)
Gorilla Monsoon -

Nice to see you, we met once in the brewery in Recoleta.

- Organic, cold pressed Coconut Oil - $342 pesos (as of this writing) for 660 cc
- Almond butter - I make this myself
- Coconut Flour - nope, sorry, I have a supply of this at my place, but it was brought from the US
- Tapioca Flour/ Starch - Barrio Chino
- Almond Flour - I make this myself if I want it to be cheaper than in Barrio Chino. Also available at , where I think it's cheaper... also, New Garden sells it and I think it's a bit cheaper. I'm hoping to go to the Andean Market in Liniers soon to see if they have better prices.
- Almond Milk - yes, lots of places. Where are you? I make my own (and mine is a LOT better than what I've found for sale here as I know the secrets), but you can get this at Mercado Solidario Bonpland and BE Almacen Orgánico, for starters...
Wow thank you so much, unbelievably helpful! Couple of q's: Do you know what tapioca flour/starch is called here and do you have a good almond butter recipe you could send me? :)
I saw tapioca flour as "harina de tapioca" there two days ago. To make almond butter, you just need almonds (I like to activate mine first) and a food processor or similar. Maybe add almond oil if you want it a bit smoother. Same process as making peanut butter or any other kind of butter.