new with some questions


Oct 4, 2008
hi, great site you have going here. here's my story maybe someone here can help me out. I was originally borned in argentina but moved to the US on sept of 2000. Since then I've become a us citizen. On 2007 I decided to move back to argentina, and lived there for about a year, testing things out to see if I wanted to stay or not. The thing is, I left a bunch of stuff behind when I moved down there. Now I'm back in the US wanting to take my stuff back. I been trying to find information on how I can move my stuff there if it's even possible. I have an address in the US and in argentina and have both passports. anyone can provide me with some information? thanks in advanced
Depending upon how much you have, the best (and least costly) means would likely be by sea -- freighter.

If your question, "x.", regards legal permissibility rather than physical capability, you'd best address your question to an Argentine lawyer: American law will not bar the export of a citizen's ordinary household goods.
Good suggestion to contact a lawyer. My husband and I moved here...stayed 3 months and went back to have our container shipped and the Argentine Embassy in LA told us several different things and even emailing them many times prior to our move we were told different things..a real mess!! Never the same answer twice. He also has dual citizenship.

At the time we moved there was something to do with how long you were out of the country, Argentina, in order to not have to pay duties on the container. Important to find that out!!

We were going to ship a car and found out they charge you 85 percent tax on the value of the car in BA...not U.S. value!!!! Would have cost us a fortune!!! So needless to say we didn't do that...

The rules seem to change of luck with your move!
No sure I understand the question. You can arrange to have it shipped, how much stuff is involved will tell you how much it will cost. If this stuff is your personal effects you can bring it into the U.S. without paying any duties.
I read your question again, I guess you are trying to get your stuff from the U.S. to Argentina. Don't hire an attorney and don't ask the Argentine embassy. Go to a mover there that does international moves and ask them whats involved. They do this all the time and can probably answer your questions without charging you anything.