New Years Eve?


Dec 19, 2009
I know that in a lot of big cities in the world (New York, London and so on) have big celebrations for new year's eve. Is there anything like this in Buenos Aires? Like a big outdoor event to ring in the new year?
you spend it with family at midnight and then you go bonkers with all your friends at all the bars and at parties.
Is there no city sponsered event or anything like fireworks or a free concert?

(i know it's probaly a REALLY long shot!)
Lee said:
Nothing that I aware can pretty much see the fireworks from every point in the city since they go off all over the place and for about an hour and 1/2.

Very nice light show!


The walls on our terrace are too high :( Unless we climb up on them and thats not really advisable!

Will bars be open at normal times or will it be like xmas eve opening at 2 or just for dinner?
Any expat places?
I usually spend midnight in a closet drinking Hiram Walker gin with tears streaming down my face. My only consolation is that even tough guys cry in the dark.
I'm looking for a good option as well but so far, everybody I've asked seems to be as clueless as me. If anyone knows of a good party, please post it here.