New York Mayor Eats Pizza Argentine-Style


In Italy everyone eats pizza with a knife and fork. I lived there for 20 years and used to note with amusement in pizzerias how at a rowdy table of teenage guys, when the pizzas arrived they suddenly all had impeccable table manners. Italians, even "contadini" (simple farmers), treat food with great respect. The mayor did mention his Italian roots.


Americans should drop their know-it-all attitude about Italy and Italian.
Most of Italian immigrants in the US were very poor people from rural areas in the South, with no mannerism, no Italian and cooked local dishes only. Stop think that Italy is like the grand-grand-nephew of a Sicilian farmer told you.

We do eat with fork & knife, is table mannerism. Even for pizza. Children are allowed to eat pizza with their hands, and I do it when I am at home among close friends. But that's it.

Watching the Sopranos made me realize how far Italian-Americans are from Italians. If you watched the episode based in Naples, you know what I mean.


Americans should drop their know-it-all attitude about Italy and Italian.
Some of us Americans have actually spent a great deal of time in Italy. My Sicilian friends would laugh at your characterization of them as "poor people in the south with no mannerisms." You might also do well not to judge Italian Americans based upon the Sopranos.

Travel more. Watch less TV.


Italian Americans are very proud of the roots. Perhaps they have adapted to their new homeland somewhat. Comparing them to the Saprano's is simply ridiculous. I eat pizza with a knife and fork. ALways have , always will.

I understand Italians respect for food. I have a home in Italy and lots of family and friends.

Pippi , you are in for a shock when you arrive and see what the Italians have become in Argentina. Talk about destroying food.