Aug 29, 2008
i'm doing study abroad here in buenos aires until the end of the year. anyone have any tips to make the most of my stay? i dont really know anyone here and funds are limited (poor college kid) so anything thats cheap and affordable and okay for a girl to do alone lol, i'd appreciate it.
Hi Lashley02, their are many things to do without a budget here... For starters... the MNBA has a wonderful collection of National and International art that will blow your mind.. entrance was something like 7pesos! Most of the museums are dirt cheap compared to places in Europe/States.. and have wonderful collections.The weather is becoming spring... so a walk through/lie down in one of the many parks is free and very enjoyable... On Sundays you can relax in the early afternoon in the Parque Tres de Febrero.. enter at Libertador & Sinclair... and relax in the rose garden...or take a stroll around and check out the people rollerblading and strret performance artists.. in the afternoon... take a walk under the train tracks to the Hipodromo Argentino... and check out the races (free)... window shopping in Palermo Viejo, The Architecture downtown... in Recoleta you can check out the cemetary and several museums... all free or 5,6 pesos! Hope this helps,Chris
One of the first things I suggest is visiting the MALBA museum. It is on Figueroa Alcorta and it is FREE on Wednesdays.

Sundays check out the different Ferias.
1) San Telmo (Defensa y Humberto Primero is the center)
2) Feria de Recoleta (at Plaza Francia next to the Recoleta Cemetery)
3) Palermo Viejo (Armena y Costa Rica early and then Plaza Serrano later)

Parque Palermo when the weather gets nice

Ditto Costa Salguero
I arrive the same with limited funds, and want to stay in argentina. But my story is different, for me its coming home. I was born in argentina and am coming to BA to meet my birth mother and family. I too will be staying a long time i hope and would love some help and possibly some one to help me do the biggest thing ive ever done in my life quit my job and hopefully move to BA, im in barcelona saying goodbye to europe, and i dont speak much spanish. so i think its going to a steep learning curve :) would be good to get some feed back !!
Hi Lashley02, I totally agree with napoleon's tip on the MALBA, its fantastic and a really nice spot to have a coffee and do a little people watching. The area of parks in palermo along libertador is fantastic also for a long walk on a nice day, especially the rosedal.
Also, sign up for the newsletter on They are always hosting events for expats and have lots of free events going on. I went to their free DNC finale party on Thurs and had a great time meeting tons of people. Enjoy exploring this wonderful city.