Newcomer intro - Maria Horgan


Oct 31, 2009
My name is Maria and I'm from Dublin in Ireland. I have been back and forth to Buenos Aires quite a bit over the last year and a half but just moved here permanently a few months ago. I have a two-month-old baby girl with my Argentine boyfriend.

I'm the process of winding down (but not completely) Liberty Films, a small television company that I run but hope to continue to do some television work there as well as here.

I rented out my heavily-mortgaged house back home, set up skype with a camera, bought a book on how to be a good mother. I'm getting organised - very, very slowly though...

I desperately need to learn Spanish - definitely should have done so by now but there were so many other things to do - like learning to drive on the PanAmericana and having a baby!) I'm living in the suburbs at the moment - Bella Vista - hence the PanAmericana reference but we're looking for a place closer to town. I'm missing walking.

Anyway ... that's a short introduction to my life at the moment. Any suggestions of events of expat groups that I should look into including mother and baby groups would be much appreciated.

Thinking of organising an Irish in Buenos Aires Christmas drinks-do. More anon.
Hola Maria
You may be suprised to know there are quite a few Irish down here with young kids.
And also on the 15th of dec the Irish Embassey is holding a drinks party.
[email protected] Drop them aline and get an invite.
I am the father of twins girls that are two years and three months but have a friend from limerick whos boy is 18months and a derry friend with a six month old girl and a Belfast friend with two boys under 3 so you are not alone.
Regarding expat clubs i would reccomend the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers.It is a running club with a drinking problem it is very family orientated and there last run was 70 adults and 30 children(so don't take the running part too seriously. Its a walk and a chat followed by beer and barbque.
All that remains to say is Welcome to Buenos Aires
Kind Regards
John Boyle