Hi - I am a South African still living in SA but would like to chat to anyone about possibility to set up a woodworking (fully equipped workshop) concern in Buenos Aires with possible export to USA/UK. We currently serve residential clients as well as build sets for our Film/Stills industry here in Cape Town, SA. What I am asking here is what would be the best way to go about this and where do I start?



This sounds very interesting..... I suppose there are different options:
- Start from scatch buy or rent space space buy the machinery/tools and build it up youself,
- Or Buy an already existing workshop
- Or go into business with a local partner...
- To set yourself up a a trading company, comission the work to people already in the business, buy from them and then just export it....
(this is what I would do)

To be able to export you need to be a registered, legit company, the tax man is vigilant on exporters/importers...

Have more to say on this but let´s see if someone has other advice.....

best of luck,