Newlywed Couple Needs A Place For 6 Months


Jul 18, 2013
So I will be getting married in July and just wanted to see if anyone had any good contacts here, or have a good place to rent. We are looking for a 6 month contract (ending January) with a good chance of renewing for longer towards the end of the contact. So for sure 6 months or possibly a year or longer.

We are trying to find a place for under 600 usd a month including expenses. That's a lot to her but I don't want to be living to much under that level of lifestyle so price is important. She's use to paying under 4000 pesos a month where her family lives in Flores.

We don't drink or smoke, and we don't party. I have the ability to pay in usd every month through paypal, or bank account transfers in the USA. Or we can pay in pesos here. Whatever is easiest.