Nice bikes for sale


May 26, 2020
Good afternoon everyone,

I'm currently working with a group that offers biking tours of Buenos Aires ( Great company, great product, lovely people. We recently have finished upgrading our fleet to all bamboo bikes made here in Tigre, and I would love to clear out the older bikes to make my workspace more organized and streamlined (the cochera in the house only holds so many, its becoming quite a traffic jam). The fleet from before is a group of perfectly wonderful straightforward bikes. They are all made of quality components (nice seat, sturdy tires and rims, metal pedals, etc), as they went out on tours daily, and are all in respectable condition. You've probably seen people riding them around the city. I'm currently having the mechanic go through and fix any tiny issues, and then I'd like to get them out of here. The pics i'm including are of one of them. I'd estimate I have at least ten ready to sell now, with a couple more once I double check and fix any issues. Maybe small details between them vary, but you get the idea from the photos what they are like. Boss wants to charge 30,000 pesos, I'm sure we would accept any reasonable offer, and that price would certainly go down if anyone felt like purchasing a couple. Anyways, if anyone needs a solid bike to get to a fro, send me a message. Thanks!


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