night out tonight? zzk at voodoo motel


Heyo everyone,

I'd really like to go to the Zizek night at the Voodoo Motel tonight (Wed), but the friend I was planning to go with can't come anymore and I'm not all that keen on going alone. It starts around midnight. The line up looks pretty good, in case you don't know zzk records and are curious, you can have a listen to some of their stuff at:

zzk are supercool, they do very interesting things with electronic folk, cumbia, dub and a bit of reggaetan. Their artists include Tremor, King Coya, Villa Diamonte, Douster, El Remolon Fauna. It's about as progressive and interesting as Argentine / South American music gets - at least in my experience.

I know it's short notice but if anyone is interested, shoot me a msg! Oh, and I'm fairly sure it goes on most Wednesdays so if you're interested for another Wed, that would be wicked too.