No Floor Prices on Domestic Airfares/ Advance Bookings


1 August 2018

.....the low cost era started: air tickets are already being sold with offers starting at $ 199 .....
The offer is only for today, August 1, although they promise to repeat the "promo" and lower the prices on normal days.
The new Flybondi and Latam prices were also made known. Yesterday, Airlines had communicated its new "economic" rates ...
And what is the cost of transportation to El Palomar Airport from CABA?
From my part of CABA at the moment it is $6.75 with SUBE, $3.04 with SUBE Social and $20.00 cash.
From Retiro, $8.25, $3.71 and $20.00 respectively - but see my comments below.

The plan is that when the improvements have been finished the Linea San Martin will run frequent electric services from Retiro to El Palomar station which is just a couple of hundred metres from the main entrance to the airport. At the moment, as you well know, the infrastructure improvements on the LSM are making any travel a headache but it should get better eventually and your low cost flight can be preceded by a low cost train ride to the airport.

<smug git alert>
I'm the bloke who fed El Palomar's details to so now you can watch graphics of planes taking off and landing there and view the arrivals and departures and other data.


14 Sept 2018

Norwegian refuses to go to El Palomar Airport due to lack of infrastructure and
to the uncertainty surrounding the lawsuits of the neighbors.....

One of the largest low cost airlines in Europe, snubbed Transportation Minister Guillermo Dietrich.
The Norwegian company began selling tickets to fly cabotage starting in October.
But decided that they will do it from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery instead of operating from El Palomar.

Thus, the minister's aspiration to add companies to the airport located in Morón was curtailed.
For the time being, Flybondi will continue to be the only company that will operate from where it intends
to be presented as the first low cost airport in Argentina.