No Regrets?


Jun 14, 2008
Hi Everyone, I'm just wondering out of all of you who made the decision to start a new life in Argentina, how many of you have no regrets? If you do regret leaving your home country, what keeps you in Argentina?
I'm planning on moving to BA early next year, but so far I've heard such different feedback from expats in Argentina. Some people are saying to make the move, while others have warned me that it is a corrupt country, full of bitter people and contains high levels of pollution. I know that each individual's experience will always be different so any advice would be much appreciated.Muchas Gracias!

My advice is to do careful research to see where it is you want to live. If BA seems the place, come here and rent for a year or so. Get a good idea of the place before making any commitments (like buying property). Do not burn any bridges in your own country.
SeñorB, excellent question. I have lived full time in Argentina for the last 3 years and love it. Yes it has it's shortcomings, but if you accept them and laugh about it, you will do just fine.

I live a far superior life in Patagonia than I did in California, and best off, I am no longer in debt.
Hi Everyone
I currently work in dubai for a big airline who hopefully being flying to BA in the next year , now i was wondering if its a good place for a single girl to live ? and how the lifestyle is it easy to make friends whats life like here ? i can see mixed reviews but every since i started to learn tango i have had this urge to move some where different and ba has an amzing appeal , can any one advsie what rent is like if i want to live alone is it safe ?
I can't say if it's safe, got a mad dentist drilling my teeth at the moment,
But seriously, I have not been able to move permenently yet, but if you love Tango, there is nowhere like it in the world. I always hail a taxi outside my appartment, and apart from one time when the taxista tried to rip me off, have had no problems. When I stood my ground I was charged the correct rate.
My husband and I moved here from Chicago. We bought a house in Olivos, bought two cars,
joining a country club, and living in a porteno area. We are adjusting. There will always be good
and bad situations wherever you live. You
just have to focus on the good parts. We
wished would have practice our Spanish more before permanently moving
here. We wished we would have brought
over some more spicy food items, electronics, and other stuff. This is fixable just fly back or have friends
bring it when they visit. You should
visit BA a couple of times before you make the final move.
There is is spicy stuff available, in Jumbo amd Carrefour.
Or you can get them at the Chinese market in Barrio Chino (Belgrano). They have a lot of imported stuff if you plan on cooking them yourself.
Hi Guys

Thanks for the info it has helped give me an insight , well for me i just feel dubai is not the place i want to be anymore , i used to live in the uk and crime is higher there so anything else will be a bonus , i was just wondering how easy is it to make friends here did you guys have trouble or is it a matter of going out to the gym through work etc ? I want to come and visit before i make a finally decision but it looks like its ago for me !!