No screens big mosquito bites!


Jul 19, 2009
Does anyone know where (or if) I can get a mosquito net here and, if so, where? We are in a loft with no screens and are getting eaten alive at night. Would close the windows but then it gets way too hot.

I remember people using mosquito nets when I was living in Paraguay, I think they're called just mosquiteros, try Easy I'm sure they have it
hmmmmm, people here uses Off or similar products. There´s a little gadget that you plug on the outlet and then you put an off tablet in there and for the rest of the night you forget about mosquitos. 100 % guraranteed !
You can find mosquiteros (mosquito nets) at any Ferretería.
They might even have a kit to build the frames, or just ask at a shop selling doors and windows.

Or do like the locals: after being bitten 100000000 times you eventually get inmune and there is nothing on your skin afterwards :D You even can't tell in the mornings if some have bitten you.
I find the mosquitos now exeptionally agressive. They are silent and invisible. I have the tablet and OFF and I am still eaten alive.

Now I just got the cream I put on the bites to stop scratching. That helps. :cool:
I am with Katti on this one, they love me and I am usually the one to get attacked so the mosquitero idea is definitely one for me.

Thanks everyone!
I just walk around with the lumps showing - They love my Irish skin - even after four months of nibbling!
orwellian said:
A fan blowing mildly at you seems to do wonders too.

I had an English Fan blowing at me on Saturday about how they would beat us at Rugby - Didn't did any good ! :) :) :)