Non recycling wax places


Aug 3, 2008
Can someone tell me of a place that does not recycle their wax? You get bonus points if it is in Olivos or La Lucila.
I think the recylcing is kind of cool, as long as they only use your own recycled wax. Otherwise, it is my understanding that if you offer to pay more, any place will give you only new wax.
Thanks for the information, but the recycling of wax is not just your wax but others wax.
Again, it depends on where you go. The place I frequent in Congreso only recycles that person's wax (unless they're lying to me, but the wax always looks fresh when I get there!)
Perhaps you could let me know what it is you folks are taking about in this thread. Recyling wax? Am I the only one who is clueless.

Most places I've been to have always offered cera comun or cera descartable. You want the descartable (throw away).
Stan, we're talking about the wax used for depilación, aka hair removal.
Ladies; why not buy an epilator, in the end will save you a fortune.
Far more hygenic, no one else need ever use it, and as clean as you want it to be.:D