November is Blogging Month


Sep 11, 2008
Apparently this is blogging month, which has the unfortunate title NaBloPoMo. (No, seriously.)

I'm going to try to stick to the post a blog a day for the month, despite missing day 1, and I invite you to read it:

I started it when I moved abroad last year and picked it back up again this time around. I use it like a journal that other people can read. Warning: if you think my posts here are long winded, well . . . it gets worse.

I'm sure a lot of people that use this site also keep blogs and I for one would love to read them. Who else has a blog they'd like to share?
I really like your blog entries, Eli! :) I should probably start one, although I can't imagine anyone wanting to read it. All I do is drink copious amounts of wine, mate, and coffee... Ah, such a tough life! :)
how appropriate!! i've been in BA for three months now and just started a blog yesterday! its pretty much just going to be a diary of my life here in BA, with a heavy focus on food, because i love eating :) plus some other stuff: classic Argentine-isms, daily struggles, reviews, loves, hates...its not much yet, but maybe bookmark it and check back every so often because i'm going to add to it pretty frequently...thanks for the post Eli, I look forward to reading some new blogs and maybe getting some feedback on mine :)

I moved to Buenos Aires on October first,
with a carne hunger and a mate thirst.

I plan on staying just one year,
To meet some people and drink some beer.

I love alfajores, they're just like a brownie
So follow me as I go from tourist 2 townie...

Check it out and let me know what you think.

- Maraya, great stories and articles.
- Amy nice start on your blog!
- Elizabeth I love that homepage picture... was it windy that day?
- Bradley... you can do a blog just on different drinks, I've seen people write about a lot crazier stuff!

All the best.
Thanks for the responses so far, I've really enjoyed reading both of the ones listed. But come on, I'm sure there are more of you with blogs! Don't be shy. Give us work-from-homers more interweb distractions.

And T2T, yes, it was incredibly windy!