NYTimes The Chefs Who Have Buenos Aires (Reluctantly) Waiting in Line

I have been to six of em. Really expensive Omakase doesnt ring my bell, but Megano is someplace I will probably try.
The one reader comment says that the prices quoted are based on the official rate. Whether official or not, they are still beyond the reach of almost everyone. I think it's sad too to see so much internationalization and the loss of traditional, local restaurant culture.
Julia is incredible, but tiny, so hard to get a reservation. We just ate ala carte, not the fixed price. Havent been to Franca yet, but it looks good, and is bigger and easier to get into.
Gran Dabbang, we go all the time. with a drink, but not an expensive bottle of wine, its currently 5000 pesos per for a lot of dishes.
I have been going to both La Carniceria and Nino Gordo for years, both are different from traditional, but I like them a lot.
I have also been to Na Num once, and it was very good- modern korean food, real kim chee, and I would definitely go back.
Can’t wait to try these out assuming I can get a reservation