Office sharing/ Coworking?


Aug 28, 2008
Hi, I was wondering if anyone here is interested in sharing office space? My husband and 2 partners are starting a project and need a place to gather once in a while, make phone calls & receive correspondence.

No specific location needed.

Pls. pm me if you are interested/have info.


Do someone else have more tips like this Area Tres shared offices?

Best Regards.
Just my 2 cents....DO NOT USE REGUS....I REPEAT, DO NOT USE REGUS. They're overpriced and their service sucks.

I'm just trying to help you narrow it down a bit ;-)
good luck!
Chris-D said:
I guess this place could be useful for you:
I've been working at "Workstation" a place where they rent offices and Desks in the Coworking Area. It's a great place where you can develop your job and have a great time while you work.

I leave the website:

This place looks like a kindergarten. hahaha oh man, just not professional
I'm a traveling software developer and I've been working at both Areatres and Urban Station.

Urban Station has a very nice space, modern and classy. There you can drop in and work á la carte and their rates are very reasonable. You can pay by they hour or day. They were the first coworking space I used in BsAs. They have very fast, stable broadband. They have several meeting rooms that you can reserve. This is a place you could feel good about inviting clients.

Areatres is more geared towards longer term arrangements. They offer more secretarial services such on an á la carte basis. Their internet is also very fast and reliable.
Does anyone know if any co-work spaces that are open 24hrs m-f? What is the general cost per month for cowork spaces in BA?
oxente! said:
I am not sure how much it costs, probably is expensive considering how nice it is but have you heard about Area Tres -- it´s a co-working space in which US expat Martin Frankel is co-owner.

Does anyone have a sense of the prices for a place like this? And can you bring and leave stuff at a desk (i.e. working papers, but also external monitor, keyboard, etc.)?