Oktoberfest in Cordoba


Feb 3, 2008
I'm thinking of planning a trip to Cordoba for Oktoberfest and wanted to see if:

1. Anyone has any advice on getting there, hotels, etc?
2. Anyone interested in joining?

Let me know.
I went last year with a big group in charter buses and we all stayed at the same hotel. I would recommend this type of travel if you just want to go for the weekend -- do the ´fest and come back. The trip was really fun!!

Note: Many people embark to Oktoberfest without sufficient planning in a rental car and it ends up being a disaster (no lodging available, sleeping in their car, etc). Hotels that are nearby sell out. The Beer Park is in Villa General Belgrano, not in Córdoba. If you stay in Córdoba it is logistically very complicated to get back to the city which is why group travel works well.

PM me if you would like more infomation on the group that is organizing this year and I can pass along more information. I myself may be joining in again on the fun!
I am staying in B'A's until the latter part of November. I would be interested in joining the group which is going to the Oktoberfest for a weekend. Please write me direct at [email protected]. Please supply me with all the information, date, time, total cost for transportation and lodging etc, etc.

I'm keen. As long as we at least pretend to speak Spanish. I know few details.
Cheers, RR
Hey so I am extremely late on the Octoberfest trip and wanted to see if any travel groups were still available. Please let me know, my email is [email protected]