Old Buildings Facades at Risk, Balconies Collapse.!

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According to the City Law 275 the Homeowners Assoc is responsible to fix the Facades. All buildings need to have an up to date certificate of Compliance. Most buildings don't have the Funds to do the Repairs .
Older buildings must be inspected by the City Inspector every 4 years, to obtain a Facade certificate of Compliance. The Areas where more buildings were denounced and danger exists due to older buildings is Comuna 1: Retiro, San Nicolás, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Monserrat y Constitución

"Following this procedure, the Government Control Agency informed that last year 29,916 buildings need repairs, of which 11,064 already responded. Once the notification of the need to present the inspection certificate has been received, the buildings have 60 days to comply."



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The article has no date (what kind of newspaper doesn't put a date on an article?), but it says a woman and her 3-year old daughter were killed by a balcony crumbling "the past December 29":

"En tanto, el pasado 29 de diciembre en Mar del Plata, el desmoronamiento de tres balcones causó la muerte de una mujer y su hija de tres años."
The Date of the Clarin article quoted, was as printed below, 07/01/2019, in very small print no wonder you missed it..! :rolleyes: 3 people were injured some seriously.

The other recent case was in Mar del Plata a balcony fell 2 people died, Mother and daughter, if you click on the blue text above you will get the full story..
07/01/2019 - 17:55
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