or is there any way to stream them?
Yes! You can download mobdro.com to your mobil phone, tablet or TV and watch the UK coverage for free.

Once you install it click on sports, then find "Eurosport1"

Click on the image once to enlarge it and a second time to load the live stream.

If (when) the image freezes just left click on your mouse and you'll return to the previous screen with the enlarged image for Eurosport1.

Click on it again to return to the channel.

Mobdro is not "approved" by google play so you have to enable downloading apps from an "outside" source.

I do not have a smart TV but I use an Andriod TV box (MXQ Pro4K) which I bought on Mercado Libre.

I did not download the mobdrop app to my phone because it asks for permissions I did not want to grant (control of my SC card).

The most annoying thing about mobdro is that every third time you change the channel you get a high volume "ad" for another app.

To stop the ad just left click on your mouse once to stop the ad and a second time to return to the program you were watching.

At any time you can left click on your mouse top return to thee previous menu and then again to return to the main menu.

A year ago mobro streaming was horrible with 3mps but I now have 5mps and, considering the cost, there is little to complain about.

You won't believe how many channel and shows are available!!!

Note to Brits: There are two "live streams" for BBC news in the news category but I have yet to find them working , even when I have tried several (consecutive) times to load the stream (something worth trying any time a stream doesn't load ad appears to be off line).
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Correction to previous post:

When the image freezes...or any time you want to return to the previous screen, RIGHT click on your mouse.

Same goes for stopping and exiting the adverts.