One year assignment


Aug 23, 2007
Dear all,
I am new to the forum and am coming to argentina (not exactly Buenos Aires pero Campana) in Spetember for a one year stint. Have a few questions that I hope all the experienced expat will help in clearing.
(1) I am intending to bring 2 laptops, one for business use and the other for personal use. Will there be a problem when going through the customs?
(2) I am also thinking of transferring some cash into a bank in Argentina. Is there any special requirement to open an account in Argentina? I can bring along a travellors cheque in that case correct?
(3) Anyone knows anything about campana?
Sorry if these questions seem trivial since this is my first time on an overseas assignment.
If your computers are not new and clearly appear to have been used, you shouldn't have a problem. Do not call attention to them when you enter the country (carry them with you on the plane. Lately there has been a lot of stealing by officials who open checked bags and help themselves to what they want!). If the customs official questions you as to why you have two explain that you always work with two. As a visitor you are not likely to be bothered. If you are, be insistent. As for the bank, I would not transfer money into an account here. Banks charge all kinds of unreasonable fees and can't be trusted anyway. You can bring American Express travellers cheques which can be cashed at their office at the Plaza San Martin or just use credit cards and ATMS. Try to find a bank in your country that does not charge or will waive ATM fees.
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