One Year Later: 10 Things About Ba That Now Seem Normal


11. While driving, knowing the guy in the right lane in front of you is going to left even though no signal is made, and not even muttering a curse.

Good list! :)


Enjoy the adventure :)

I would add
12. Kissing everyone hello and goodbye (even if you're only there for 10 minutes)
13. Not flinching when people asking your age, your marital status, your ethnic makeup and even your salary - there are no limits here on what people will ask.
14. Smiling when my family and friends call me "gordi" or "gordita"b/c it isn't rude, it's a term of endearment.
15. Knowing that "manana" means anywhere from next week to next month and not getting frustrated by it
16. While I'll never agree with it, not getting upset when people are a minimum of 30 minutes late for everything
17. Not being surprised to see little kids at restaurants at 11 p.m. at night
18. Accepting that the price today is not going to be the price tomorrow, let alone next month
19. The world quilombo and why it is so important here
20. The ah...creative curse words here :)


Great list, sinagua980! I laughed at the eating a la carte, still remember the first time I ordered a steak at a restaurant and I received..... a steak. Nothing else with it at all except a small slice of red pepper as a decoration. Also love the little additions in the comments above, and to add to number 13 from Citygirl, they can and will stop you on the street when you have a newborn baby to ask if the birth was natural or a caesarian, how much bleeding and stitches (sorry, a bit gross but true!). No limits at all!!


citygirl, I can't believe we missed your #12. That's a definite one for us, but then again, maybe we're still not fully used to it (at least, who initiates). Thanks for sharing.


I dissagree with number 2. mayonesa is the national side dish.

1. eating dinner in the middle of the night....
2. realizing that the question "y para tomar?" at any eating establishment is, in fact, not a question but an indication that you will be drinking coke
3. thinking of something that of something that I need, and then instantly disregarding the thought because it will just not exist in argentina.
4. seeing semi naked ladies at all hours on the tv, even on children's programs
5. news channels don't contian much news, but in fact endless footage of traffic jams...
6. if you toot your horn loud enough you might not have to pay at the toll gate
My list of “normal” after two months in BA:
1) Walking up six flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator to get in a little extra exercise since my diet now consists of mucho pizza, empanadas, ice cream, steak, medialunas, dulce de leche and wine.
2) Testing ice cream from a different heladeria several days a week and finding every one to be as delicious as the last. (I may never be able stomach American style, soft-serve frozen yogurt again.)
3) Buying good (but cheap) wine for the equivalent of about U.S. $2-5 a bottle, and “splurging” on something really good is still less than $10 U.S.
4) Seeing 3-4 buses lined up in a row with the same bus number heading down the street together and the bus drivers chatting to each other when they are stopped at the lights.
5) Three lanes of cars lined up at the traffic lights where there should only be two (or one.)
6) Traffic lights that flash a yellow before turning green.
7) Walking down streets near my house that I thought I’d been down before and discovering a mercado, heladeria, cafe, rooftop park, etc. that I never noticed before.
8) Feral cats climbing in my lap while sitting in the park.
9) Families sleeping on the sidewalks, parks and median of 9 de Julio. (While it is normal to see, the sight of homeless children still doesn’t sit well with me.)
10) Being told I am crazy for moving here by every single Argentine I meet.


You guys are too much. I am an Argentine living in New York (back and forth to BA) for those reasons that are listed. Ja Ja Ja. However, I think there is one missing that is very annoying: I never heard an Argentine in a business mode take responsibility for a mistake. Rationalization, blaming the others or YOU is always there. Never, ever, saying "I am sorry"


Number 12 and 13 by citygirl are the ultimate points.

Damn! They just ask your age any where /any time!

And the kissing! I find it so fake!