Online health report to enter the country.....

Caribbean Cool

Jul 19, 2019
I won't torture you with details....but United tortured me for hours before boarding. the very very top of the form....people 70 do not have to fill out the online form. Bring a printed copy of this form to the airport with you and keep it throughout your journey. The officer in Buenos Aires asked me where my online form was....I said I was over 70...he said 'o ya' bye.
We filled them out on line and printed them to hand to the American Airlines rep at check in. She reviewed and returned them. Nobody else asked for them. EZE was quick and easy to get through.
Being over seventy sounds like a good deal. No bank lines, no health forms. Looking forward to it.
eh, i just took a bunch of screenshots from my phone and showed them.

I had no issues at EZE yesterday.

My go to plan has always been: Be Nice, Be Dumb, and Be Patient. With these 3, I can overcome all obstacles.