Online Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy...


Online Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy Sessions...

For anyone with an injury, aches, pains or niggles during the lockdown, I am offering online physiotherapy / physical therapy sessions to help you through.

I am a highly experienced English Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist who is living and working here in BsAs.

The most effective physiotherapy treatments I offer are the education and sound advice I provide and the tailored exercise and management plans I give my patients. All of which can be done through video call or online. So if you you're in need of my expertise during these challenging times please get in touch.

I have heaps of experience in musculoskeletal (aches, pains and niggles) and sports physio, sports massage and Pilates.

I have worked for one of the top physio groups in London, in professional and semi-professional sport, including the London 2012 Olympics, and a trail blazing physio service in London.

My focus is on getting to the root cause of your pain or problem, addressing this, and getting and keeping you moving and feeling better.

If anyone needs any advice or wants further info please let me know.

Chris Pagden
Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist /
+54 911 3240 2374 (WhatsApp)