Organic milk in Buenos Aires


Aug 22, 2013
The place I usually get La Choza organic milk told me they wouldn't be getting it for a while due to some production problem. Has anyone else who drinks La Choza milk had a problem getting it lately? Is there an alternative organic milk, something that goes bad in a week like normal milk and not 2 years in the future?
Yep. Buying it from Bonpland and last saturday there was none delivered, the saturday before only skimmed. They told me they are expecting some this coming wednesday. A small joint at the corner of Bonpland and Soler has another local dairy provider, but the milk is in not factory sealed bottles and while 'clean', is not certified....the quality is ok, but it doesn't last more than 3 days in the fridge. Haven't bought from them in a while, but i know they are there saturdays.
It's even harder to find inorganic milk, here.
I noticed today that the expiration of ordinary supermarket milk was in May. Can real milk actually last that long?